Live Life, Regret Nothing

by Sweet As Revenge

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All tracks recorded / mixed by Yanda, Iphe & Dinand at Rintop Studio
Mastered by Erwin at Sound Station Studio


released December 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Sweet As Revenge Jakarta, Indonesia

Sweet As Revenge is a five piece rock / post-hardcore band from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Track Name: Hilang
Rintih ku merintih kesakitan yang telah kujalani
Ambisimu kini membunuhku
Dan kau bungkam mulutku dengan indahmu
Menari diatas luka mimpi

Wajah yang hadir hanyalah imaji semu terlihat
Terbuai hanyutku dalam deras mimpi dan khayalan
Terbersit tuk melupakan omong kosong dan harapan
Diamku tak dapat tertahan

Sudahlah, sudahlah aku muak
Sadarlah, sadarlah semua akan terulang

Ku kan menghilang, dari bayang kelam
Tanpa sisa semua tiada
Kini kata-kata tiada artinya
Hanya luka yang bicara

Sadarkan mataku, dari semua anganmu
Dan semua kan sirna, yang tersisa hanyalah luka
Track Name: Mirrors
Put your mask on, and sit behind the false reality
This is the world where nothing as it seems
Shape yourself and reform the image
You don’t need shadows to hide yourself
Trying, pretending, to be what they wanted to see in you

There’s always lies to be told, there’s always something to hold
Whether it’s true or not

You can be whatever you wanted to be
Behind photographs and memories
How you live, how you love, how you die
It’s all written in an open diary

The mirrors are crying, they no longer reflects reality
Just a screen of big and fake picture
That’s where you display your life
Track Name: Bebas
Detak jantungku berdebar
Saat ku mendengar suara alunan yang indah
Kakiku mulai bergerak, tak terasa tubuh ini terbawa nada-nada

Waktuku pun terhenti
Tak ada yang peduli
Hentikan semua kesedihan
Ku mulai menari, nyanyikan lagu ini
Membelai jiwa yang terasa sepi

Lepaskanlah segala keluh kesah, biarkanlah jiwa ini bersuara
Bebaskanlah segala kepedihan, biarkanlah jiwa ini bersuara

Satu masa terlewati dan merubah semua pikiran yang ada
Tanpa ada satu tanya yang dapat meleburkan dan hentikan kita
Track Name: Promises
Years and countless fears
We defend what we have
Can’t you see? The blood is dripping
My armour has been broken and now I’m sinking
How should I feel? There’s nothing left

I’ve spent years standing in your way
Just to let it dies today
Should I continue? Keep dragging my pain
Follow you till the end

I’m fighting a fight that I could never win
I’m dreaming a dream that I could not achieve

The time has comes to kill the empty promises
The time has come to bury all the memories

I’ve given up
I’m letting go

I’ve been fighting for too many years
Fuelled by hopes and dreams
Dreams that has been abandoned
Forgiven not forgotten
Track Name: My Sweet Lullaby
Haven't you heard about a fairy tale?
At a winter's night end of the year in five
The given one land to the world and now
Haven't you received a message from her?
That she's writing down on the wall with words of luck and stars
And you know, it's all just lies

To show you I missed
Those words out from your lips
You're a curse you're my gift

I wipe all your tears
At the side of the hill
When you felt all your fears

Please tell me all
Your alibis you left
This suffering comes twice
Sweet lullaby your angel lies you sing
I dream of you tonight
The world collide I still survive you have
My heart and ripped it out
We're breaking up you watch me fall
It's so fragile inside

Oh glory brightest son of life
Stop dropping me down
Don't take away don't kill the light
And now I've gone blind
And now if I owe you one I soon will refund
I'd rather stand with broken arms than feel my heart burn

I wipe all your tears
At the side of the hills
When you felt all your fears
Leave me alone

It's all just lies
Why can't you just leave?
Track Name: Dreams
You close your eyes, take a deep breath and start running as fast you can
Take your time to find the route that’s right for you
Nothing can stop you now

I keep my head up to show you, this is how I start
I finding hope, live the dreams
My stories they will be unfold
Whatever trouble that might come
I won’t get myself numb

I jump and I climb, I open my eyes
I follow my heart, high and touch the sky
I woke up, realized I can catch the stars
Feel so alive now I’m ready to fly

Life holds no promises as to what will come in your way
Take your chances, discover what secrets may come
Allow the power of your will to lead you to your destination
Do anything, stop at nothing

Hold the dreams
Continue to be the best
Track Name: Summer
6 in the morning I’ve been waiting
Today is the day we’re going
To escape from the live that we hate

Terminal 1 in 2 hours
We’re running and we’re flying
Leaving all the troubles behind

The turbulance seems to keep us down
As we fight the stormy weather

Can you feel it as we set our feet
All the curses seems to be lifted

The sky might fall, the earth might crack
But we will stay together
The sea might split, the storm might come
But still we stand forever

As the summer fall I’m blinded
By the sweet bitterness of our past memories
Stay with me, just stay with me

Run baby run away, come near
We don’t want it to be over
So let’s not stop, don’t waste our time
This time we own the summer
Track Name: Prodigy
This is your gun, this is your knife
Wrap yourself, go out and explode!
Golden measure. For your pleasure
You’re an entity full of vanity.
You look like yes, but no you’re not
Your fashion show is what you need to keep you alive

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Can you tell me who is the greatest of all?
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Is this the best that life can offer?

So close your eyes, you’re on the top of the world
Track Name: Potret Kehampaan
Semua telah hilang potret kehampaan
Apa yang kutakutkan kini menjadi nyata
Tersisa hanyalah
Sesal tak habisnya
Kebodohan yang memaksa
Membuatku nista

Namun percuma meyakinkanmu
Kau memutarkan fakta
Pengorbanan tak lagi berarti

Telah kucoba dengar, semua hanya alasan
Terpuruk dalam pedihku yakin
Kau kembali dengannya
Kulenyapkan semua, puisi omong kosongmu
Menorehkan tinta penuh duka
Kini ku tak berdaya
Track Name: Saving Gaia
Start the revolution
Clean up the earth, so it could be a better place for us all
The blue and green will shine in our eyes, if we clean it up
Save the mother earth! Don’t let it’s beauty fade away!
Save the mother earth! Don’t let it’s beauty dies today!